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Vision Builders is our annual giving program responsible for raising finance to fund our present and future church facilities. It’s a call to partner together financially to reach our community for Christ through the work of the local church.

lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest


Vision Builders are those with a dream for our local church that’s larger than where we are at any given time. Vision Builders see a future harvest that glorifies God and is outworked through faith, sacrifice and commitment.


THE VISION is to build a home where people from all walks of life can come and be connected into God’s eternal community. A refuge where young and old discover hope and purpose. A space where the church gathers to be empowered, equipped and mobilised to do the work Christ has set before us. A haven where lost people find salvation and broken people find freedom.


Every dollar you give will go towards the facilities of the church location you attend.

Prayerfully consider the level of giving you feel is appropriate for you, based on wisdom and faith. It’s about equal sacrifice, not equal giving. Some people will give a little and some a lot. The power is in the participation. We are all in this together.


Money given into Vision Builders goes to fund the current facility. This may include upgrades, renovations, maintenance and lease/rent/loan payments.

sowing financial seeds of faith that build a home for tomorrow's harvest

would you like to give?

Frequently asked questions

Why should I attend the gala?
The gala is a great event where Pastors Andrew and Wendy discuss what our giving in Visions Builders has achieved over the last year and project forward the vision for the years ahead.
Why should I pledge?
A pledge is a step of faith and a declaration that we are committing to provide finance to build the kingdom of God and resource the vision of Pastors Andrew and Wendy to build and expand our church. There is also a practical element that helps the church, allowing Pastors Andrew and Wendy, and the Board, to plan out the building program so we can continue to meet the needs of our growing church.
How is this different to regular giving/tithe?
Regular giving and tithes fund the day-to-day running of the church. The funds for Vision Builders are set aside to resource to building and expanding of the church buildings.
What is the money going towards?
More announcements will be made in due course about specific details of the next year’s building projects. The current building works are being funded from the current building fund program. We also allocate a portion to meet exiting repayment obligations for borrowed funds, and also repay back part of outstanding borrowings.
When do this year’s pledges need to be in by?
Pledges for this financial year need to be received by the church by the 30th of June.
How do I decide how much to pledge?
A good rule of thumb is to have a think about what is realistic for you to give over a year and then add a bit of faith to it to allow God to move in your giving.
Is there a way that I can check on how much I have given so far this financial year?
Please contact Kris and Nicola Chapman (Vision Builders Directors) and they will be able to forward this information.