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C3 Lighthouse Church
C3 Lighthouse Church beyond brisbane


We live in a world where people face real challenges and hardships. Beyond is our response to the needs of people that surround us, both locally and globally. At the heart of our church is a priority to reach beyond the walls and shine the light, hope and love of God to those most in need.


Our vision is to care for our local community, invest in the next generation and have a global impact.

Engaging with people and organisations within our local community to provide on-the-ground support and assistance to enhance the quality of life of others.

Helping young people make positive choices and reach their full potential as they navigate the difficulties and challenges that life presents them.

Reaching out to people in our global community who are subject to severe living conditions through our international and national partnerships


To accomplish our vision we have developed a simple strategy to help us best serve our local and global communities.

C3 Lighthouse Church beyond brisbane


We have a variety of packs designed to meet practical needs and give hope to people facing hardships.

C3 Lighthouse Church beyond brisbane


By mobilising teams, we can provide support to people through achievable, hands-on projects.

C3 Lighthouse Church beyond brisbane


Through programs we are able to help equip others with new skills and positive mindsets to achieve lasting change.

C3 Lighthouse Church beyond brisbane


We partner with organisations working on the ground providing assistance and services for vulnerable people.

how can i get involved?

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